Liste Art Fair Basel is a notable event in the art world. Scheduled to run from 10th to 16th June 2024, this art fair attracts a range of key players and art enthusiasts alike. Being a digital era, Liste Art Fair Basel also has an online presence which goes by the name Liste Showtime Online and Liste Expedition Online, available for access from 10th to 23rd June 2024. The inclusion of these online platforms ensures a wider audience is reached and broadens their engagement with contemporary art.

There is a rich blend of stakeholders involved in this event. Including E. Gutzwiller and Cie, Banquiers, Basel, a swiss based private bank that has been the main partner since 1997. The fair also partners with other cultural organizations and businesses such as Artsy, BWT - Best Water Technology, Carhartt WIP, CMS, Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger, I KBH.G, CMS, Samsung, Soeder, Steudler Press and Vitra. These partnerships enhance the diversity of the event, reflecting the different ways art interacts with various sectors of society.

Liste Art Fair Basel offers opportunities for individuals and businesses to engage with the event in different capacities. From the primary audience to volunteers, friends of the program, and VIP members. There is also evidence of incorporating the media, ensuring wider coverage of the event. The fair description suggests an application process, though the specifics of this are not outlined.

Communication is key to Liste Art Fair Basel. They encourage engagement through their newsletter, which presumably shares news about the fair and possibly wider contemporary art news across Basel. Their physical address is listed as Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel, Switzerland, and they also provide a telephone contact and email address for further communication.

Despite being an art fair, Liste Art Fair Basel shows an awareness of contemporary issues such as data privacy. On their website, they state their use of cookies, offering an opportunity for visitors to agree with this before proceeding.

From the information available, Liste Art Fair Basel combines physical and online art exploration for a wide range of audience. It seeks to not only showcase art but also to enable connections and engagements across sectors, leveraging partnerships to enhance cultural value. The inclusion of contemporary communication channels and awareness of data protection also shows its alignment with current global trends.