Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, is a distinctive cultural event celebrated in different cities across Europe. The event provides a vibrant platform for engaging citizens, increasing cultural dialogue, and revitalizing urban spaces. This particular review offers an overview of Manifesta's 14th and 15th editions in Prishtina and Barcelona, respectively.

Manifesta 14, which took place in Prishtina from the 22nd of July to the 30th of October, was seen as a key cultural intervention. The city's public spaces were brought to life with a diverse range of artistic expressions. Manifesta was invited by the City of Prishtina with the intention of stimulating public engagement, and evidence suggests that the city took full advantage of this cultural makeover. The event reportedly left a substantial mark on the city's cultural landscape, indicating a successful mission. Although no specific events or installations from the biennial are mentioned, the overall sentiment suggests an immersive and effective manifestation of art and culture. A public survey was conducted post the event but the review does not dive into the details of the findings.

As for Manifesta 15, the review only provides preliminary information about its preparation. This edition of the biennial will be hosted in Barcelona. The city is known for its richness in arts and culture and sets a fitting backdrop for an event like Manifesta. The organization team has secured an iconic structure in Eixample, the former headquarters of the publishing house Gustavo Gili, hinting at the grandeur and historic significance of the upcoming event. It clearly indicates that the groundwork and logistical arrangements are well on track.

However, the review does not delve into the thematic content or highlight any planned installations or artists for the 15th edition. It mostly focuses on the administrative aspect instead of providing a broader idea of what the event could entail. Furthermore, no mention is made of the biennial's specific dates.

To conclude, Manifesta demonstrates a unique approach to cultural exchange and engagement across Europe's urban landscapes. The 14th edition in Prishtina appears to have been well-received, though more specific details about the public's feedback would have been insightful. Looking ahead, the preparatory details for the Barcelona event seem promising, building anticipation for another successful gathering. The review underlines the scale and impact of the event but falls short in providing comprehensive insights, especially concerning Manifesta 15. Future updates are necessary to provide a full understanding and appreciation of these influential biennials.