Asian Art in London is an annual event that brings together a diverse range of art collectors, gallery owners, and art enthusiasts. The online platform offers detailed information related to the event, as well as providing a means for visitors from around the world to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Asian Art.

The website features a comprehensive calendar that provides information on Asian art events scheduled throughout the year. These are categorised into differently themed weeks such as Indian and Islamic Art, held from 19th to 28th October, and East Asian Art, taking place between 26th October and 4th November.

Aside from the main events, Asian Art in London dedicates sections for exclusive articles, artist profiles, and special features crafted by museums and institutions. The 'Through the Eyes of Munirah' section and 'Chats with Specialists' provide invaluable insights into the field of Asian Art. An 'Art Industry Directory' provides users with contacts and resources related to the art industry rounding off the website's comprehensive contributions.

Furthermore, the platform aims to make Asian art more accessible to a wider audience by featuring affordable options in its 'Under ₤5,000' section. It also showcases extensive press coverage of previous events, press releases, and its own publication Spotlight Magazine, helping keep its audience informed and updated.

Asian Art in London prioritises user privacy and security which is reflected in their use of cookies on the site to provide a personalized experience while also respecting user data. They provide clear guidelines about how they use and store user data in their privacy policy, assuring users of their data security.

Verdict: Asian Art in London is a potent platform for anyone interested in Asian art from various periods and regions. Their website is not only a fest of events but also an educational portal that provides access to engaging content and resources. The site design is user-friendly and respects the privacy of its visitors while providing them with an enriching online experience.