Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters is a renowned event located at Laguna Beach. This unique occasion brings art to life in the form of living pictures, offering a captivating experience for its attendees. A significant landmark of the pageant is the celebration of its 90th anniversary in 2023, under the theme Art Colony: In the Company of Artists, commemorating the rich history of artistry and the initial presentation of living pictures at the festival.

As part of the celebrations, there is the Festival Art Show, where over 100 juried artists from Orange County showcase their original fine art. This gives spectators a fantastic opportunity to interact with a wide array of art and appreciate the talent from local artists. The Art Show also provides the artists a platform to gain exposure and attract potential art lovers and buyers.

The festival offers several engaging events, which extend beyond art displays. The music series and special summer events are designed to add a layer of entertainment for the visitors. Furthermore, art classes, workshops, exhibitions, art tours, and demos are organized to encourage participation and provide insight into the artist world.

There is a thorough plan to make the festival visitor-friendly. Event timings, admission details, mobile app services, and parking availability are communicated clearly to ensure a convenient visit for the attendees. They have also taken into consideration the health and safety of the visitors, highlighting their commitment to offer a safe environment for all.

For those who desire to take part in the festival beyond just being an attendee, several options are available. These range from joining as a member or volunteer to getting involved in sponsorship opportunities. There are also job openings presented for those who wish to work directly for the festival.

Overall, the Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters constructs a captivating blend of art and entertainment, setting a stage for both artists and art lovers to celebrate and appreciate art in a vivid and engaging manner.