AccessArt is a comprehensive resource platform dedicated to the sharing of visual arts inspiration. It offers a wide range of resources, specifically curated to inspire teaching, learning, and practice of visual arts. The platform is supported by a team of professionals and its services are structured according to the eight values that have helped build the resource over the years.

Significantly, AccessArt provides a tailored primary art curriculum for age groups ranging from 4 to 11 years. The curriculum offered includes several different pathways and supporting materials, such as documents and videos, to foster the learning process. Additionally, the platform categorizes the curriculum into 'Full', 'Split', and 'Mixed Year Group' versions, giving users a choice in the way they approach and teach the subject matter.

Furthermore, AccessArt incorporates a detailed section dedicated to drawing, including drawing pedagogy and a 'Drawing Journey' module. This category features resources such as step-by-step guides, source materials, and videos to support the drawing process. Likewise, the platform hosts a similar comprehensive segment on sketchbooks, complete with pedagogical resources and pathways.

For more specific uses, AccessArt offers a 'DrawAble' feature for drawing and sketchbook pathways, which includes video-enabled resources, promoting an interactive learning experience. Past recordings of sketchbook sessions are also available for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject. Furthermore, the platform's future sketchbook Continuous Professional Development (CPD) resources are available for users who wish to refine their skills gradually.

Moreover, AccessArt makes a sustained effort to ensure inclusivity. The platform offers adaptations for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) schools, ensuring children of all abilities can engage with the provided materials. They also host CPD events both as ticketed Zoom events and as drop-in sessions. Past session recordings are available for purchase, facilitating self-paced learning.

In conclusion, AccessArt is an in-depth and valuable resource for the visual arts community. Its wide array of resources, from curriculum pathways to professional development materials, caters to both educational and personal growth in the visual arts field. An inclusive platform, it strives to make art education accessible to a broad audience. The layout of the platform, including clear categorization of resources, makes it easily navigable, encouraging users to fully utilize its offerings.