The National Art Education Association (NAEA) is an organization specialized in promoting the field of art education through a wide variety of means. This includes hosting events related to art education, such as the NAEA National Convention, monthly professional learning webinars, and featuring the National Art Honor Society.

They underline their commitment to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDandI), evident in their creation of the EDandI Hub. This seems to operate as a wide-ranging and flexible repository of information and resources tailored to supporting inclusive approaches to art education. Not only does this spotlight their commitment to keeping up with contemporary discussions, but also provides accessible support materials for a diverse range of teachers and other art educators.

NAEA provides a platform for the promotion and sharing of various art-related endeavours from children of all ages. For example, the works and projects showcased range from third graders creating graphic novels to junior high school students creating works for charity. They also highlight the benefits of working collaboratively, for instance via a project in which a father and son create together at the Albuquerque Museum.

The organization also integrates into a larger community spirit, facilitating collaborative tools and providing career advice and opportunities. This extends to their 'Collaborate' section and their outreach to the National Art Honor Societies.

Overall, the NAEA is a significant resource for a variety of stakeholders in the art education field, ranging from teachers to students and parents. They provide opportunities for active engagement, learning, and professional growth, while also working to promote a diverse and inclusive approach to art education.