For ten years, the manufacturer Stardustcolors has been developing ranges of products for the visual arts. Let's start with a sector that has nothing to do at first glance with the artistic field: car paint (for example, ceramic coating car), motorcycle paint and bike paint. It was not counting the special effect paints that will transform your car or your motorcycle into a real artistic object. In addition, it is possible to decorate your vehicle with a drawing on the body made using an airbrush, to make your car or motorcycle a real work of art. Now let's move on to Body Paint, which consists of making artistic and ephemeral paintings on the body, which is also called Body art. It is a question of using products adapted to contact with the skin and which therefore do not present any danger to the health of the models. Suffice to say that these body paints do not contain solvents. Specifically, they are glycerin-based acrylic paints that clean up easily with soap and water.