Rising Sun Music Recordings Studios is a Tampa-based recording studio known for its dedication and ability to produce high-quality sound. The business emphasizes the importance of creating the right atmosphere for recording music. They promote three fundamental components in music recording: vibe, passion, and atmosphere.

The studio is unique in its accessibility, as it is open every day of the week. Though accessible, it operates by appointment only, requiring a deposit of $60.00 for all studio bookings. This ensures an organized and productive working experience for every artist.

Another notable feature of Rising Sun Music is that they claim to have the magic needed to get things done right the first time. This statement seems to be their mantra and is repeated throughout their promotional material. It demonstrates their confidence in providing excellent studio recording services and their commitment to efficiency.

The studio also offers Waves Plugins for sale. Waves Plugins are digital audio processing tools that provide the studio with the latest technology, and selling them indicates that Rising Sun Music is invested in sharing high-quality sound tools with their clients or other users.

The company also offers services with multilingual support. The contact information provided shows that they can communicate effectively in English, Spanish, and Japanese

Rising Sun Music Recordings Studios has associated with notable individuals and brands, including John Seda and Somnium Guitars, further establishing its reputation as a noteworthy recording studio. They also mention their products, Black Diamond Strings, indicating the use of high-quality equipment.

Though details about their pricing and equipment are mentioned, they are not elaborated, suggesting a potential area for improvement in providing information to prospective clients. More transparency about these aspects might further enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

In conclusion, Rising Sun Music Recordings Studios presents itself as a reliable and professional service provider in the field of studio recording. Their passion for music and commitment to creating the right atmosphere set them apart, as does their broad accessibility and commitment to getting things done efficiently. Their multilingual service, high-quality equipment, and affiliation with renowned industry names add to their credibility.

Business address

Rising Sun Music
3004 West Crest Avenue,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 813-340-6126