Sessions College is an online school of visual arts, offering a variety of degree programs and professional certificates designed to equip students with industry-relevant digital skills. The college provides undergraduate and associate degrees as well as undergraduate certificates in a range of majors including advertising design, digital media, digital photography, graphic design, illustration and website design.

In addition to degree programs, Sessions College offers an array of career programs and professional certificates. These include digital arts, fine arts, marketing design, multimedia arts, graphic design and web design. All of these programs and certificates are aimed at empowering creative professionals online and upskilling adult learners for the digital workforce.

One key feature of Sessions College is its flexible online programs. These programs are designed to enable busy adult learners to earn a marketable credential entirely online. This flexibility allows learners to manage their other obligations while gaining the skills they need to advance in their profession or embark on a new career path.

The faculty at Sessions College comprises professionals from the industry, ensuring that students are learning from individuals who know how the industry works. Students are given the chance to build a portfolio of digital creative work, which can be showcased to potential employers or clients.

Sessions College also offers support for military students, including options for financial aid and transfer credit. There are creative scholarships available as well, providing additional financial support for students who demonstrate exceptional creativity and artistic talent.

The college is also recognized for its accreditations, ensuring that the qualifications it provides are recognised by various professional bodies. The website also includes a student gallery, where individuals can showcase their work, and a blog named Notes on Design, offering insights into the design industry.

In conclusion, Sessions College provides a comprehensive and flexible online education for creative professionals. Whether you're looking to start a new career or elevate your current profession with enhanced digital skills, Sessions College is a valuable resource for online education in the field of visual arts.