Myford Ltd is a British engineering company that specializes in the manufacture and sales of lathes and related accessories. The offerings of Myford Ltd are comprehensive and include new lathes, previously sold lathes, unfinished castings, and a wide range of machine models, such as the Myford ML10, Myford ML7, Myford Super 7 (both power-feed and non-power-feed), and more. The company also sells specific machine models such as Myford Sigma, Myford Connoisseur, and the Myford 254R, 254S, and 254+ models.

Apart from lathes, Myford Ltd also provides a variety of milling machines. The company offers several kinds of accessories that support these machines, such as angle plates and Vee blocks. Additional products that customers can find on Myford's platform include boring tools, brazed and tipped center drills (sets and singles), centres and sleeves, clamping and work holding, collet chucks and collets, and many more.

Myford Ltd also places importance on Safety. They offer Bolle Safety Glasses which signify the company's commitment to ensuring the well-being of the user while operating machinery. Besides, Myford has a variety of eclipse tools and lathe chucks and faceplates available.

Gift vouchers are also an option if customers wish to present someone with a chance to choose their desired tool or accessory. The company also provides an assortment of lathe cutting tools and tool steel, lathe manuals, Stuarts marking blue or layout fluid, measuring equipment from Moore and Wright, and many more to satiate the diverse needs of its clientele.

In terms of lathe accessories, Myford Ltd demonstrates a considerable range of offerings. These include Myford cabinets and trays, Myford collet systems, adaptors and collets, Myford changewheels or gear wheels, Myford dividing head, Myford diestock holders, Myford lathe steadies, Myford general lathe accessories and more.

For maintenance purposes, Myford Ltd provides oil cups, nipples and accessories, and also other products like oilite bushes and lubricants to ensure the smooth running and longevity of the machinery. There is a selection of parting tools and holders available as well.

Overall, Myford Ltd aims to deliver on all fronts, be it the machines, necessary accessories, safety equipment, or maintenance products, indicating their comprehensive approach to meeting customers' requirements in the sphere of engineering.