Berisfords Ribbons is a wholesale ribbon manufacturer and supplier in the UK that offers a wide variety of ribbons. The company's offerings range from individual ones for special occasions to collections that get updated annually. For 2023, it has introduced a whole new collection of quality ribbons.

Berisfords Ribbons offers a diverse variety of ribbons ranging from satin, velvet to grosgrain and glitter. They also offer sheer, polka dot and microdot designs. Moreover, Berisfords Ribbons provides ribbon variations including gingham, tartan, and striped ribbons. The company also boasts a collection of rainbow ribbons, ropes, and twine.

For those seeking ribbon with a patriotic touch, Berisfords supplies ribbons with flag designs including St George's Cross, Welsh Dragon, Irish Tricolour, St Andrew's Cross, and Union Jack. Further options include sonic cut and scatter star trellis ribbons, ric rac circles, neons, and silver edge satin ribbons.

In addition to these, Berisfords Ribbons offers a variety of functional ribbons like Rigiband, kick tape, hanger loop, ballet point shoe satin, and more. They also sell haberdashery items including sonic cut twine, rusting gingham stitch, vintage stitch, and stitched grosgrain.

For special occasions, Berisfords Ribbons provides occasion-specific ribbons such as special birthday, baby spots and Christmas ribbons. They also make personalised ribbons where customers can choose their designs, messages, and other preferences.

The company has a particular focus on sustainability as they offer a range of recycled ribbons.

Berisfords Ribbons, in addition to providing an extensive selection, also offers bespoke colouring, coatings, and finishes. This means customers have a huge variety of choices to personalise their ribbon orders according to their specific requirements.

Overall, Berisfords Ribbons is a comprehensive source for ribbons of all types, offering quality British products tailored to meet any ribbon need. With their commitment to sustainability and providing personalized design options, they offer a unique service in the ribbon supply industry. Whether it's for a special occasion, crafting, or other needs, Berisfords can cater to it with their vast range of products.

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Berisfords Ltd
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