Lorraine Gray's Pastel Pet Portraits is a UK-based business that specializes in creating custom pet portraits. With over 30 years of experience as an animal portrait artist, Lorraine Gray has developed a loyal and expansive customer base, serving clients from around the globe. Her work focusses on capturing the unique personality of each pet, creating lifelike portrayals of cats, dogs, and horses.

Lorraine's skill allows her to faithfully reproduce pet portraits from photographs, making her services particularly attractive for those who want to remember a recently passed loved pet. By conversing with the pet-owners, and working from high-quality photographs, she can provide the clienteles with poignant portraits that can be a source of comfort and cherished memento of their beloved pets. Without compromising on the details, her each piece of work is unique and reflects the distinct character of the pet.

The range of services offered by Pastel Pet Portraits includes painting of dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits. These are offered in a variety of sizes, providing flexibility according to customers' preferences and requirements. The process to commission a portrait involves consultation and guidance through each step, ensuring the portrait captures the essence and personality of the pet. Lorraine Gray presents these services on her user-friendly website, which also showcases her expansive portfolio of various pet portraits.

In conclusion, with her considerable experience and obvious passion for the craft, Lorraine Gray offers a personalized and professional service for pet owners who want to commemorate their furry friends. Whether as a gift for a loved one or a keepsake for oneself, her custom pet portraits serve as a beautiful tribute to beloved pets. As such, Lorraine Gray's Pastel Pet Portraits has established itself as a top choice in the UK for pet owners searching for a distinctive memento of their pets.

Business address

Pastel Pet Portraits
21 Skelton Fields,
RG42 2PE
United Kingdom

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Phone: 07525 365 875