is a dedicated platform providing the latest architecture news and serving as a go-to source for professionals in the industry. It offers a wide array of information, from building and design trends to sector-specific data. The website features a user-friendly interface with a clean navigation system, making it easy for users to find specific information.

The publication aims at equipping architects with the most recent and relevant intelligence required in their field. Users receive comprehensive reports and analysis on various sectors including Cultural, Civic, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and more. For instance, the website hosts information on retrofit interiors, building services, and envelope materials. Through its offerings, caters to a broad spectrum of professionals, from architects and builders to researchers and manufacturers.

One of its distinguished features is the 'Building by Specification' section which provides detailed data on the building services, envelope materials, retrofit, interiors etc. It is designed to cater to those who are seeking specific technical details about different materials and services.

The website also caters to the business aspects related to architecture, offering insights into construction strategy, risk and regulations, and digital construction. It also promotes continuing professional development (CPD) by providing resources and sponsored content. The website also hosts a variety of events including awards ceremonies, webinars, and conferences.

Moreover, subscribers to the website can avail job listings and event announcements, keeping industry professionals informed and updated about potential opportunities and upcoming important dates. is also a window into the current happenings in the world of architecture, such as company liquidations, major infrastructural transformation plans, updates on building refurbishment and more.

In conclusion, is not just an architecture news platform, but a comprehensive resource for architects, providing industry updates, deep insights, and networking opportunities. It successfully brings together various aspects of the industry, making it an essential for professionals in the field.