Shape Architecture Ltd is a Chartered RIBA practice based in London. Recognized for its work throughout London, Brighton, and the South East, the company, established in 2006, mainly focuses on residential projects. Over the past seventeen years, Shape Architecture Ltd has honed its expertise in turning properties into modern, light-filled spaces.

The company's approach to architecture revolves around principles of space, light, and transparency. Their signature technique is incorporating glass in their designs. They use this often to introduce natural light into various parts of a project and facilitate improved visual and physical connections between interiors and exteriors. This use of glass can range from elegant rooflights to detailed junctions of glass-to-glass.

Shape Architecture's team comprises a group of amicable architects specializing in residential projects. Their fee structure is straightforward, offered as a fixed lump sum separated into each task for clarity. Notably, every project undertaken by Shape Architecture Ltd benefits from the continued supervision of a Director, ensuring the upkeep of their standards and the satisfaction of their clients.

Furthering their commitment to client satisfaction, Shape Architecture Ltd provides a unique offering: a free consultation at the potential client's property. This approach highlights their dedication to understanding the specific needs of individual clients and offering personalized architectural solutions.

In closing, Shape Architecture Ltd has consistently demonstrated capability in the domain of residential architecture with their focus on creating light-filled, transparent and unique spaces. Their use of glass as a critical architectural element, their transparent pricing, and directorial supervision of projects all come together to form an approachable and proficient architectural practice.

Business address

Shape Architecture London
Vicarage House 58-60 Kensington Church St.,
Greater London
W8 4DB
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +442071479987
Fax: 2071479987