Paul Butler Associates is a planning, development, and heritage consultancy providing independent, cost-effective, and imaginative advice. Founded in 1992 by Paul Butler, the firm remains committed to delivering professional, cost-effective, and independent guidance to both public and private sector clients. The consultancy has steadily established a reliable and experienced team of qualified professionals since its inception. These professionals comprehend the aspirations and interests of developers, the responsibilities of local authorities and the requirements of local communities.

Paul Butler Associates has a rich portfolio of featured projects, including commercial, heritage, housing, and community and leisure projects across different locations. These include the Hilton House and Bloc in Manchester, Duke Street in Liverpool, Arrow Street in Salford, and Produce Hall in Stockport, among others. Their work highlights their proficiency in handling diverse projects, reflecting their deep understanding of the varying needs of different sectors and clients.

Their heritage projects, for instance, like Express Building One in Manchester and Windswood in Bowdon, exhibit their expertise in dealing with constructions that necessitate special consideration owing to their historical significance. In the housing sector, the firm has successfully executed projects like De Trafford in Castlefield and Arrow Street in Salford.

The testimonial provided by Bruntwood reflects their satisfaction with Paul Butler Associates' services rendered over many years. The Associates have worked on various buildings and complex planning applications, which include those related to listed buildings, conservation areas, change of use, and extensions of existing structures.

The firm's advice covers feasibility and pre-application stages to determination and discharge of conditions. This extensive coverage signifies their ability to handle all aspects of a project, delivering comprehensive services that span across the project's lifecycle. This comprehensive approach, combined with their team's expertise and understanding of the industry, positions Paul Butler Associates as a reliable planning, development, and heritage consultancy.