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  • Afrosmoke Online Head Shop
    California based online smoke shop offering American made glass pipes, glass water bongs and oil rigs.

  • Aussie E Cigarette Reviews
    A website which tests electronic cigarettes available to buy in Australia.

  • Aux Ark Trading
    Wholesaler of glass pipes, bubblers, bongs, oil rigs, dab rigs, dugouts, grinders, concentrate pipes, and smoking accessories.

  • Best of Glass
    An online headshop focusing on glass water pipes. Anywhere from affordable glass water pipes to the higher end market. They also carry an array of items from the most respect glass artists in the industry.

  • Brothers with Glass
    North America based online headshop featuring American-made concentrate rigs, hand and water pipes and other glass pieces.

  • DankGeek
    An online smoke shop formed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. They offer a wide selection of dab rigs, bongs, glass pipes, bubbles, heady glass, geeky glass, and accessories.

  • DankStop
    Carries a big selection of bongs, dab rigs, glass pipes, bubblers, concentrate pipes, heady glass, grinders, vapes, and many other smoke accessories.

  • E-Cigarette Technologies LTD
    A supplier and wholesaler of vaping equipment and e liquids containing nicotine. Their entire range is TPD compliant and they stock e-cigarettes from big brands such as Aspire, Limitless and Kangertech.

  • E-Liquid UK Store
    An online retailer of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid juices and other popular vaping accessories from some of the world's leading brands such as Hangsen, Innokin and Aspire to name but a few.

  • Electronic Cigarettes CO
    Providing cigarettes, kits, e-liquid and accessories.

  • EverSmoke
    An online shopping place for classic electronic cigarettes. It utilizes refillable and two-piece construction so that the user only charges the battery and attaches a fresh atomizer.

  • Juishy E-Juice Flavors
    Users can choose from over 100 mouth-watering e-juice flavors all made and bottled in USA.

    An online vaporizer shop with providing a wide range of vaporizer products. Every vaporizer in their shop comes with a free 1 year warranty.

  • Medusa Juice
    E-liquid retailer and electronic cigarette suppliers. They offer free delivery on all orders over £20 as well as a range of vaping supplies.

  • Mile High Glass Pipes
    Carries a full range of glass pipes, oil rigs, dab rigs, concentrate pipes, bubblers, grinders, and most any style of smoking accessories. They offer free US shipping on our entire line of smoking products.

  • Nicocig
    Electronic cigarette provider. UK based company.

  • Number 1 eCigs
    Offer a wide range of electronic cigarette products at competitive prices.

  • Simply ECig
    Electronic cigarette supplier and seller, alongside with e-cig accessories and e-liquids. Features numerous products and constantly provides discounts on featured items.

  • Smoke Cartel EP
    Retailer of tobacco glass pipes, water pipes, glass products, oil and concentrate pipes and accessories, glass bubblers, glass spoons, and more.

  • Smoke Purer
    Provide the UK market with a selection of electronic cigarette and vapour cigarette products. Free UK delivery on all orders!

  • SmokShop: E-Liquids
    Over 100 flavours available, from 0mg to 24mg nicotine. A wide range of e liquid available both in store and online.

  • Superior Vapour
    Superior Vapour is an online store selling high quality vaping kits, vape mods, e-liquids, e juice and electronic cigarettes. We help both beginner and experienced vapours achieve more satisfaction through high quality products and increased flavour.

  • The Electronic Cigarette Company
    Website dedicated to electronic cigarettes. Clients can buy the e-cigarettes here, learn about their benefits and purchase accessories and refillable parts.

  • The Real E Cig Reviews
    A website focusing in reviewing electronic Cigarettes. Articles, tips and health related information are also available for it's users.

  • Tobacco Specialists
    Online store for all things related to tobacco and smoking. Clients can purchase pipes, electronic cigarettes, lighters and all sorts of accessories.

  • TokerSupply
    Online smoke shop with free shipping for water pipes, vaporizers, grinders, recyclers, cheap glass pipes, bubblers a dab rigs.

    Online vape shop for electronic cigarettes, e-cig mods, atomizers, wax pens, herbal atomizers, vape accessories, li-ion batteries and chargers, USA made e-juice and liquids, RBA/RDA parts and more.

  • Vapor Plants
    Offer vaporizers, vape pens and ecigs for dry herbs, wax and oils. While covering vaporizer reviews, vaping guides and marijuana news are available as well.

  • 420 CBD Vape Juice
    The original CBD vape juice infused with 100% pure Cannabidiol from the industrial hemp plant. CBD Vape Oil is 100% legal.

  • Cloud Cig
    Online shop e-cigarettes, including refills and starter kits. Must be over 18.

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Cigarettes are small tubes of very thin paper in which processed tobacco leaves are put in. On one end, in most cases, there’s a filter which aims to decrease the level of smoke and dangerous toxins contained within the tobacco itself or, in some cases, change the consistency and taste of the cigarette altogether.

In what’s known today as Mexico, tobacco cultivation and use has been around since 1,400 BC when Native American tribes used the plant for several purposes, including smoking. It had a mystic connotation back then, being considered an honor to smoke tobacco as the exhaled smoke represented your thoughts and wishes being sent to the gods.

Europeans then came to the Americas and tobacco started its upward climb as a world-wide industry. In 1880, James Bonsack invented the automated cigarette rolling machine which further increased the popularity and demand for tobacco-related products, especially cigarettes. Before that, regular pipes and precursors to the new water pipes like hookahs and bongs were used to smoke the plant.

Out of the tobacco plant, only the leaves are used in the process of making cigarettes. The leaves are picked and dried out then crumbled into fine, small parts which are rolled into the standard cigarette through the use of special thin paper. Other additives are processed into the leaves, in order to confer the cigarette certain taste and allow the leaves to burn accordingly. Safety regulations recently imposed have forced the cigarette industry to use paper which has bumps – special areas which inhibit and even extinguish the cigarette from burning out on itself. If left unattained, most cigarettes will just extinguish themselves, reducing risks of a fire hazard.

The cigarette industry is dwindling, depending on the country. More developed nations take the health risks associated with tobacco smoking more seriously, thus damaging the industry. In developing nations however, the tobacco and cigarette industry is thriving and often enough is on the rise as well.

In this section, you’ll get a lot of information about cigarettes and tobacco products, as well as resources which inform you of the possible health risks of smoking tobacco.

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