Beauty is a characteristic normally attributed to a physical appearance, or inner attitude. It is in the eye of the beholder, and can be subjective as well as objective. A person may be compared to some public standard (may be vague) of beauty. The basic tenant is that the person needs somehow to improve upon their looks, shape, or attitude. Usually most people can improve something, but a problem can arise when the person feels inadequate and then goes to extreme lengths, such as developing an eating disorder to lose weight, to solve that alleged inadequacy.

Standards of beauty can be put forth by the public, private companies, or religion. Movie stars are usually seen as beautiful, and fit. Private companies advertise their products as solutions to improving looks, health & fitness. Religion looks more to inner beauty and character for the standards of beauty. Beauty can be applied to people, animals, buildings, nature, music, words, and many other things. It is studied in psychology, and other social studies. In classic Greek times, beauty meant a time of ripeness, when a person or fruit, for example, was at its very peak. A web directory search will bring forth many descriptions of beauty, and definitions.

You must have heard it so many times before that everything is relative and so is beauty. Beauty standards vary from one person to another because there is not a perfect model of serene beauty, a person that you consider beautiful may seem terribly ugly to another one. It is all a matter of tastes and perception and we all see beauty in our own, unique way.

Due to the fact that there were established some "beauty standards" in fashion or television, some people think that beauty is something you need in order to be loved and appreciated. Beauty creates monsters, beginning with anorexic models and ending with aesthetic surgery addicts that ruined themselves only because they wanted to resemble the perfect pattern of beauty. Beauty can be something enjoyable as long as you see beauty in somebody`s eyes or in his or her natural behaviour, but on the other hand beauty can sum up all the flaws, from vanity to being shallow.

As a conclusion, whether you would like to find out about what beauty means for the stars at Hollywood or you just want to discover tricks and tips about how to be beautiful using natural ingredients, is the web directory that guarantees you relevant results as well as trustworthy links where you can find everything that you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Even in human development, beauty can be a critical factor, as a baby that is cute and beautiful will receive more attention, more smiles, and more favor than one perceived as not pretty. Beauty can take on mathematical qualities, as facial symmetry is measured, and so are buildings as specific ratios are reached. Different cultures and generations have new views of beauty, which will change over time. Inner beauty contains non physical attributes such as grace, poise, intelligence, and personality. In life, it is common that those with beauty fare better than those deemed ugly.


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