Hardware is the physical component that makes up the average computing device. Along with software, these two major components of any computing device work together to provide the functionality required for their intended tasks. Devices that can be considered hardware include personal computers, hardware based firewalls, personal digital assistants, smartphones, global positioning satellite units, medical equipment and air traffic control systems, just to name some.

Systems such as personal computers consist of several hardware components ranging from system units to peripheral devices. Devices such as video cards, keyboards and entire computer towers qualify as "hardware". This is not to be confused with software, which includes programs that are designed to run on the hardware, such as operating systems that are designed to run on the computer tower.

Most hardware can be easily upgraded or replaced when worn out, unless there are design changes that necessitate several major parts being switched out or the entire unit being replaced altogether.

Hardware is the physical part of a system, while software is the logical part which sends information to all the hardware elements or a computer. Along with the ones mentioned in the first paragraph, there are also other hardware components such as the microphone, the webcam, joystick, trackball, touchscreen, mouse or the image scanner.

Without these hardware components there would be no software because software and hardware are interconnected in order for a computer to be functional. Whenever one of the hardware components of your computer breaks and you need to replace it or you are fond of computers and you would like to know more about the hardware and software components of a computer, instead of browsing the Internet you could go for this web directory which will directly list all you have to know about hardware or companies that produce hardware components. Whether if you are a newbie in the computer area and you do not know what does hardware and software suppose or you are an IT expert, you should know that it is easy to distinguish hardware components from software components. All you have to know is the difference between these two, which is that hardware components are the ones that you can touch and are usually used to process information or insert text information or video into your computer (webcam, keyboard).

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