A company is only as strong as the people that they employ, and it can be extremely difficult to gauge a person's character from a resume on a website. At the same time, a web directory of resumes is a good place to start the process of finding the right employee to fill available positions. An effective employment process involves an active internet search, a thorough interview process, and an ongoing face-to-face networking campaign that involves constantly talking to qualified people.


A company never knows when they will have to hire someone to fill a new need, or when they will have to hire someone to replace a departing employee. Every day companies get dozens of resumes in the mail and even more on the Internet, and the proactive company is interviewing qualified candidates whether there is a job opening or not.

A good manager interviews people that are interested in working for the company to see what the person is like, and to see how their personality will fit the company and their department. The proactive human resources manager is always letting all department heads know about the resumes of qualified candidates, and that human resources manager is offering to set up interviews with qualified candidates whether a position is open or not.

Applying your CV for employment directly via mail to the company you would like to work for could be an option, but you could as well boost your chances of getting a job by submitting to this web directory. When listing all the potential candidates it would be easier for the agent responsible with the employment to find the most suitable candidate.

Moreover, if the CV meets the needs of "the perfect employee", you could arrange a meeting with the director of that company for further analysis of your abilities and potential employment. As well, this web directory provides candidates for employment and so it can turn out to be useful for both the employer and the employee. If you are an employer that is looking for somebody to replace an employee or hire more people, this is the right place to do it. Due to the fact that we are in the middle of a financial crisis, more and more people who lost their jobs are trying to find another one and this web directory can help when we talk about employment.

Never say never, it applies for both the employer and the candidate. Signing a contract of employment is not easy and this is why you should consider all your options available, especially this web directory that can help you with the employment. Remember that a good employee knows how to use all the means offered in order to get a job!

A web directory that lists potential candidates is no match for a business to business networking function where professionals can mingle and swap information about their credentials and plans for the future. You never know who is looking for a change in their career, and many professionals looking to make that change are not going to advertise it on a web directory for fear of losing their current position. Always keep your mind open to new candidates because you may find your next superstar when you weren't even looking.

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