Among the fields of the Arts and Humanities perhaps none is more specialized then the performing arts. From singers, musicians and actors to comedians and writers, the performing arts cover a wide range of skills and abilities generally described by their unifying characteristic, interacting with an audience. Performing has grown in modern times to be one of the most respected, and possible lucrative fields in the world with the birth of motion pictures.

Performing arts directory

Performing captivates audiences, it enriches and entertains us. Performances have always been a means by which people socialize and connect. If you're a performer, you need to know where auditions are; you need to know where to go and when to do it. In this web directory you will find everything, from the earliest history of performing, to useful links connecting you with modern venues where performances take place.

If you work in the performing area of arts and you are looking to recruit new talents for your company, why wasting your time browsing through thousands of pages until you find what you were looking for? You simply submit to this web directory and you will then be linked to the pages where artists, no matter if they are musicians, actors or singers are trying to find a way of performing for somebody. It is as easy as it seems!

More than that, if you are a singer and you have a site where you promote your music and art, you can submit to this web directory and we will simply make it more popular. When you are a newcomer in the world of the performing art, it is quite hard to make yourself known and even attract people that could be interested in what you are doing.

Since we offer you a wide range of links of venues, your chances are significantly increased. Also, if you are performing an act for instance and you are looking for a location where you can do your work just the way you like it, this web directory is the perfect choice because you can find more than one location so you will be able to compare them and see which one fits your needs best. This is the best place for performing artists to find what they were looking for.


As a performer there's no need to search countless websites to find your next audition. Here you will find links to dozen of venues and you can search through hundreds of webpage's all at once. You will be able to find exactly what you need and where you need it.

Whether you are a performer or are in need of one, this web directory can connect you to the right people, places and organizations to facilitate any manner of performances. Acting, singing, dancing and many other performing categories can be found among this web directory, so whether you need new strings for your guitar or want to take in (or audition!) the newest play near you, you can find it here.

There are 62 Performing web directory related resources in this category!

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