If you have been looking for a source of updated news about the gay communities around the world, you should definitely visit www.gcn.ie.

This is a very potential news site for the informed Internet users who want to keep track of all the latest happenings in the showbiz business, with a focus on the gay community. The site is extremely to navigate around. If you have been a fan of TMZ or other celebrity gossip portals, you will immediately fall in love with this amazing portal.

I am a frequent surfer at this website and sometimes I even check it more often than I do for TMZ, since www.gcn.ie often posts some hot news about my favorite artists that I cannot find on TMZ. If you are a gay, it is even better, since this online news portal is especially designed for gays. Here you will find a wide range of news related to the gar community not only in Ireland but in other parts around the world as well. Why should you want to join this site? Since it also has a wonderful classified section that you can use to find your significant other (if you happen not to have any at the moment).

Simply browse through their listings and contact the ones you like. This site is not only a news site, but also a lively community especially designed for gays. You will just interact and have fun hanging out together. They have a "Men Seeking Men" and a "Women Seeking Women" section, so you do not need to feel left out no matter what sex you are.

If you live in Europe and you want a news portal similar to TMZ but provides even more functions, you cannot miss www.gcn.ie. The site is like a mini community online for people who want to make friends and hang out. And what is most important, you pay nothing to be on this site.