A website which allows you to purchase individually made gift baskets for just about any occasion (Christmas and Easter gift baskets, Mother’s and Father’s day baskets as well as thank you, wedding, sports themed and corporate gifts.). You’ll be able to choose the appropriate holiday, style or event, like Christmas, congratulations, kosher, gourmet, get well soon and even wedding gift baskets and then send them on their way to the person or people you’re thinking of.

On the first page of the website, you’ll have a tab on the left side which will underline all the aforementioned occasions, celebrations, best wishes and even foodstuff baskets. Clicking on any one of them will redirect you to a page where all the products in that category will be displayed. Alternatively, you can click on any of the products in the category which will send you to that certain product’s page, offering you more details about what the basket contains and how you can order it.

About the orders themselves and the checkout procedures: everything seems to be in place. Simply fill up your virtual cart and wait for the basket to arrive at your home. Or you can send it directly to your friends and family as a gift with a personalized card attached. Payment methods include popular credit cards and PayPal. Free shipping is available for Canada; for other countries and regions, additional fees may apply.

There are some social media buttons integrated on each product’s page as well, so you can easily share your finds with friends, family and acquaintances through Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. However, the Twitter button is broken, and they either should remove it, either link to their Twitter profile. All in all, a nice browsing experience with not much beating around the bush and a straightforward delivery and purchasing method.

Addressing English and French speaking customers, “Gift with a basket” allows secure credit card payments and Paypal. The website is designed intuitively so users can easily find what they are looking for by doing a quick search or choosing the desired gift basket category.

The team at “Gift with a basket” can be contacted either by email or toll-free phone number.

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Gift with a Basket
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Phone: 1-888-631-4333