Local Carpet Cleaning Canada is a local carpet cleaning service provider in Canada.

The company offers quality cleaning services for both commercial and residential homes in all the major cities in the country. The contractor has a major company in every city to ensure that the services are initiated and done as quickly as possible. In addition to carpet cleaning, Local Carpet Cleaning Canada also offers a vast array of services including basic furniture moving, spot treatments, high-speed drying, and soil extraction. They also specialize in specialty stain removal and filtration soil removal services.

Local Carpet Cleaning extends its cleaning services to other areas such as linoleum floor cleaning, hardwood cleansing, baseboard cleaning, traffic damage tinting and pressure dirt removal. They can handle all kinds of leather and upholstery for both homes and companies.

The company cleans mattresses and curtains for clients without damaging the fabrics or causing shrinkage. They also help in pet odour removal by spraying pets with friendly enzyme-level deodorizers to eliminate stains and bad smell. They offer a comprehensive cleaning approach to thick carpets which have not been cleaned for some time so as to produce great results. In order to remove stains and dirt in vehicle interiors, they use vacuum cleaners and pressure gadgets, leaving the vehicles very clean.