Medecins Sans Frontieres is also known as "Doctors Without Borders" and it represents a worldwide humanitarian aid organization. They started their activity in France, more exactly in Paris, but currently, they have associations in 24 countries around the globe. Even though they wear a French name, the staff that consists of doctors, engineers and nurses are multinational and have the same purpose of providing immediate medical care for those who are in need of it. They run their activity in areas of serious damage such as it is the case of the countries at war, post-natural disaster (floods or earthquakes), epidemic territories that include transmissible pathologies (malaria, tuberculosis) or low poverty countries with high rate of malnutrition.

Areas of activity

Based on the information from their website, they run their activity in over 60 countries around the world. They provide medical care where it is needed the most. Examples of such countries include Bangladesh which has a high rate of social violence and severe malnutrition, Yemen which has low to none access to healthcare facilities or Syria which lately presents several armed conflicts which diminish the access to health care.

Job Possibilities

The organization offers two type of jobs in the field on in the office. For the first case, they are looking for logistical support personnel and medical teams to provide medical care for people who are in a dangerous situation. The website also gives an in-depth regarding what are the requirements to be considered for such a position and also what will be the benefits and the opportunities. They are also looking for volunteers that are able to do general office work. This can include fields such as human resource, coordinators, and analysts.

Medical Issues

More than this, the website gives detailed information about the up to date medical issues. This includes a list of countries which have low access to medicines, epidemics areas for pathologies such as cholera, Ebola, HIV, malaria, meningitis, and territories with high rates of sexual violence. One of their roles is also to lower the rate of malnutrition around the world as it is considered that every minute, eight children die because of the lack of nutrients. The World Health Organization sees this as one of the most important threats to the world's public health. A close look at the pages from the website reveals information regarding symptoms, treatment and prevention measures for this kind of diseases.


Since MSF is a nongovernmental humanitarian organization, they rely a lot on the donations of other people. Their website also offers people the possibility to donate any amount of money through different payment methods in order to support their cause. The possibility of having unrestricted fund will result in more resources being allocated in a more efficient way in the areas which require it. Visitors can choose to donate only once or on a monthly basis. All the financial reports and the way they administrate the budget can be found on their "Financial information" page. A contact number is also provided for further questions.