Vistnes is a plastic surgery practice of Palo Alto whose objective is to enhance the lives of its patients with state-of-the-art surgical enhancements and aesthetic treatments. The practice earned a reputation for perfection in hormone replacement therapy, plastic surgery, and an all-encompassing anti-aging, non-surgical treatments. The main surgeon at the practice is a Stanford-educated, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Vistnes, who has dedicated his practice to aesthetic enhancements of the face and body. The practice has a website ( where you can find all that the practice offers, what it is up to, and what it has been up to. This is what you should expect of it.

The User Interface

The instance the home page of the site finishes loading, the first thing you notice is a display of really short videos that last for around 5 seconds each. The videos essentially display various women with perfect bodies and faces and a photo of Dr. Vistnes. Since the website is based on plastic surgery, I couldn't help noticing the breasts of the woman running in one of the videos. I believe the web designer of the site included that particular video on purpose; inspiration and a tacit promise.

The website is so alive. You will appreciate the way content moves about as you navigate it. Some of the content will move up as you scroll down and most of the content will tend to fly or fade in as you scroll down the pages of the site. This nice and cool effect makes the site feel as if it is alive.

Almost to the bottom of the home page, there is a point that says, "Pictures speak a thousand words". Truer words have never been uttered. The website contains very vivid and motivating photos, depicting people with both beautiful bodies and faces; the two areas Dr. Vistnes specializes in. They not only play a significant role in reinforcing the text on the web pages but they are also an idea of what to expect from the practice.

You may not notice it because you may not expect it but the site has two main menus. There is the conventional main menu – a horizontal bar that goes from right to left at the top of the web page – and to the right of that horizontal menu, there is a part with three horizontal bars vertically aligned on top of each other. That is the other main menu. When clicked, it reveals a menu that takes over the entire page. You can explore both menus just for the sake of it but the menu items you may want to pay special attention to are "Procedures", "Hormone Replacement", and "Gallery". These menu items link to the pages that contain the most significant information you may need from the site. From them you will learn about the various procedures the practice offers, what hormone replacement involves, and from the "Gallery" page you have some proof of what to expect from the practice.

The website is well organized. At the top of each web page is the main menu. On the home page of the site, the main menu is followed by the display of short videos introduced earlier. On most of the other pages, the main menu is followed by an image and then the main content of the site. The website also looks professional. The organization of its content plays a big role in bringing this appearance but the font and arrangement of images on the site contribute to this. Moreover, the site is easy to understand and navigate. The presence of two main menus makes it even more so.


Vistnes contains various high-quality images and a significant amount of text content, but still, its pages load quite fast. The website is responsive, which means regardless of the screen size of the device being used to access it, the user will still have a good experience with it.

Vista is a simple but beautiful website. It looks and feels professional, easy to navigate, and its performance is good enough. Anyone with the need for a tummy tuck or alternative body enhancement should have an easy time discovering what can be done for them.

Business address

Vistnes Plastic Surgery of Palo Alto
1515 El Camino Real, Suite B,
Palo Alto,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-650-322-5444