What is Blog Advertising and How is it Performed?

Blog advertising is the newest way to make money with your blog. Almost everyone now understands just what a blog is. But not many people know what blog advertising happens to be.

So what is a blog? It is important to understand this term before you can understand just what blog advertising is. A blog gets its name from “web log”, or an online Internet diary of sorts. It started out that simple – people set up personal blogs to write about their lives, and share with friends, family, and other interested Internet users. Blogging has since evolved into something much more for millions of people who start up their own blog.

Blogging is easy, because there are many different sites that allow their users to set up a blog for free. It is a way to have your own Internet space, allowing either your own private friends and family or the whole world to see what you are about. A blog may be used for just personal reasons. However, many people have realized that a blog is a great way to advertise and earn money in the process.

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Sponsored reviews advertising and backlinks

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about advertising via. sponsored reviews. I wasn’t sure what all the talk was about, so I decided to research it personally and then publish my findings. There seems to be two minds about sponsored reviews. There are people that love them and people that hate them. Actually, this opinion is hardly surprising.

Let me start at the beginning. Some of you out there may not know what advertising via. sponsored reviews are. Sponsored reviews are products that you review on your blog. Companies will give you their products to recommend, and you give them a nice plug on your site. If you love the product it can be quite the symbiotic relationship. The problem comes when you don’t really like what they have to offer. But I’ll talk about that later.

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Blog advertising is one of the easiest ways to make money

For all you bloggers out there, some days you may wonder why you are spending all this time writing online if you are not getting paid for it. Some people seem to be able to make tons of money from their blog sites, but for most people that just isn’t happening. So what is the secret to the blogger who makes money?

Well, blog advertising is one of the easiest ways to get started making money through your blog. What is blog advertising? Actually, there are several different types of blog advertising. A cautionary note: not all forms of blog advertising may be right for your blog. For maximum results, several different types of advertising should be used.

There are at least six different ways to utilize blog advertising. You may be thinking, “What is blog advertising going to do for me?”

Well, the main thing that blog advertising will do for you is bring in money. Of course, the more people you have visit your site the better your income will be, but that is another topic. The six basic types of blog advertising are: text link ads, affiliate ads, reviews, direct ads, contextual ads, and impression-based ads. There are a lot of resources for any of the types of advertising listed here. Just search for them online and see what comes up. Of course, not all types of ads are going to be available to use all the time. Sometimes it just takes luck to get certain opportunities.

So what is blog advertising for text link ads? Text link ads are ads that you place directly in your blog posts. Say you are talking about how you got lost driving to a friend’s house the other day. You could feasibly insert a text link ad for a GPS system. See, it’s easy!

Affiliate ads are probably the most well-know form of blog advertising. You sign up to be a part of an affiliate program, and they place different ads on your site. Usually this form of advertising on blogs is a pay-per-action or pay-per-sale form of payout. I will talk more about that later.

What is blog advertising with reviews? Reviews are pretty self-explanatory. A company will pay you to blog about their product and review it. Usually they want the reviews to be positive. It would be a little silly for a company to pay someone to write a bad review about them.

Direct ads are where you, the blogger, offer space on your site for your visitors to advertise. Usually some amount of web design experience is necessary for this advertising method, as well as a large amount of visitors.

Contextual ads are similar to affiliate ads. Contextual ads, however, are usually paid on a pay-per-click basis. The ads, as the name suggests, are related to the topics discussed in the blog.

Impression-based ads are ads that pay a certain amount for every time they appear on a person’s blog site. This would be the virtual equivalent of a billboard ad in the real world.

So now that you have a basic idea about what is blog advertising, let’s talk about payment methods. There are three main ways that bloggers can usually get paid for advertising on their sites. There is pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, and pay-per-action.

Pay-per-click will pay you a small amount any time someone clicks on that ad on your page. Pay-per-impression pays for every time the ad appears on your page, and pay-per-action pays for each time someone does an action related to the ad on your page. This is usually something like buying a product, filling out a survey, or signing up for e-mails.

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